How do you celebrate Advent and Christmas?

The Christmas season will look different this year. The impact of COVID-19 may modify or cancel holiday routines, activities, and traditions. While it’s okay to feel disappointed by all of these changes, we can also rejoice in the opportunity to celebrate in our homes and to refocus our hearts back on the reason for this Advent and Christmas season – preparing our hearts for the birth of Jesus Christ.

The cancellation of public Christmas parties and activities offers us the unique opportunity to celebrate Advent and Christmas at home with family, neighbors, and friends. This is the year to be intentional about how we celebrate at home. As Pope Francis says, “families are the domestic Church, where Jesus grows.” This Christmas season, place special emphasis on the traditions and activities you have always celebrated, bring back a childhood tradition, or start a new one with your family!

Let us spread the Christmas spirit with one another from home to home as the “domestic church” by sharing our family’s Advent and Christmas traditions with one another! Share images and/or a short story or description of your family’s traditions. The Archdiocese of Washington will share submissions on their social media accounts.

Please limit your stories to 300 words. Submissions may still be edited for length.

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