In the frenzy leading up to Christmas, it’s easy to become distracted and forget to take time for prayer. Others have even given up on the idea of praying altogether, believing that their prayers go unanswered. The story of Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, provides a lesson on God’s merciful love for us and the importance of perseverance in prayer. After decades of trying to have a child John’s mother Elizabeth was considered barren, yet the angel Gabriel assured them, “Your prayer has been heard.” Nine months later, to everyone’s joyous surprise, Elizabeth gave birth to John, who would prepare the way for Jesus’ ministry. God always hears and answers our prayers in his own time and in sometimes unexpected ways. During this final week of Advent, persevere in prayer. Take time out of the busyness to ask God for what is on your heart and be open to seeing his answer in your life.

Today’s Question: What have you asked God for? Have you taken the time in quiet prayer to listen to his response?

Lord, help me be persistent in prayer, patient, and attentive to the answers you give in my daily life.